Mother’s Well, An Art Space for Perinatal Wellbeing LLC is located on St. James Street in downtown Columbia, MO. Additionally, services are being offered at Kindred Collective on 2800 Forum Blvd., Columbia, MO 65203.

We are now offering individual Mindful Art Sessions and Birth Story Healing Sessions (in person and online), Mindful Art Groups, Mindful Art for Pregnancy Groups, Single Mom Art Groups, Baby & Parent Art Groups, Birth Story Circles, Art Classes and Workshops.

Confidentiality is ensured through the privacy of the studio/consultation space. No names or other personal information will be shared with third parties. Sarah Arriagada may be taking notes after the sessions about the Mindful Art or Birth Story Healing process and these will be kept in a safe place. Notes will be shared with the clients upon request.

Get in touch with Sarah via email – motherswell.artspace(at)– on Facebook, and subscribe to Mother’s Well mailing list! Follow Mother’s Well for updates on events, groups, workshops and special offers!


Sessions take place in large, beautiful and confidential spaces in the North Village Arts District in Downtown Columbia, MO and at Kindred Collective on 2800 Forum Blvd.
I am a member of the amazing Kindred Collective, a community of wellness practitioners, therapists and consultants located at 2800 Forum Blvd., Columbia, Missouri 65203. Please check them out!
I am a member of REDI Columbia and very grateful for their mentoring and support in developing and making Mother’s Well a sustainable and thriving business.
The REDI Innovation Hub is home to many entrepreneurs and established businesses that support each other through mentorship, feedback, networking and practical resources. I am grateful to be a part of this wonderful community.